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Jim Riggle - Career-Technical Education Director

Career-Technical Education Director

Mr. Jim Riggle | Email | Ext. 8643


600 Esley Lane; Mansfield, Ohio 44905

Phone: 419-589-2112

Fax: 419-589-2533


Madison Local School District offers every student a comprehensive education. Without leaving the school district, every student may choose from many career paths - from skilled employment immediately out of high school to the highest college degree.

In 1975 the Madison community decided that they did not want to bus their children to a career center out of the community. They built an addition to the high school and provided what is now called Career Technical education to any student interested in obtaining a skill before graduation.

Ohio law states that every student must have access to Career Technical education. It may be provided by busing students to a joint vocational school (JVS) or by providing programs in a comprehensive setting as Madison does.

Over sixty percent of Madison juniors and seniors are taking advantage of comprehensive offerings. They may plan to enter the work force through internships or they may gain college credit while attending Tech Prep and Career Technical classes at Madison.

Besides offering an excellent education for all students, how do Madison taxpayers and students benefit by being a comprehensive school system?

  • Taxpayers do not pay 4 to 5 mills for Career Technical Education that surrounding districts pay for joint vocational schools.
  • Taxpayers have not paid the estimated one million dollars plus to join a JVS district.
  • Students at Madison may participate in all extracurricular activities during the day as well as after school.
  • Taxpayers do not pay for additional busing to get students to the JVS.
  • Students learn to work with and get along with other students pursuing a wide range of career goals.
  • Advanced academics are available to all students, not just traditional college prep students. Many Career Technical students take advantage of those academic offerings.
  • Dollars generated by Career Technical programs also benefit all students. Career Technical computer labs are frequently used by all students. As Career Technical computer labs are updated to keep pace with industry demands "old" computers are distributed throughout the high school and sometimes district.
  • Because of shared facilities and budgets, broad ranges of adult education courses are offered to the community.
  • Students provide customer services in Auto Body, Auto Technology, Carpentry, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Computer Aided Engineering Graphics, Electricity, Precision Machining, and Welding for the people of the Madison community.
  • Young people continue to enjoy personal relationships with friends and teachers that may be disrupted when they must be bused to another location.

Career Technical Educational is a good investment for the Madison Local School District, area employers and students of any age as evidenced by the success of former students in higher education and the economic community.